Etiquette for Latin Wedding Guest

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When it comes to bridal visitor decorum, there are many factors to take into account, especially for couples who have significant customs unique to their Spanish lifestyle. Sadly, there are a ton of excellent resources available to assist your guests in understanding the most important aspects of your bride ceremony and welcome.

While Latin American traditions shares many similarities, Baca explains that » beliefs vary by country. » She continues by saying that while there are some essential components, such as vibrant celebrations and a sense of family, each child’s vision for their special day is particular to them.

The Latin American tradition still includes getting married in a church, but some modern couples may deviate from this norm by selecting locations that hold special significance for them, such as haciendas, historic sites, galleries, and flowers. Similarly, while in some ethnicities, both parents follow the wedding down the aisle, at Mexican, Argentinian and Chilean weddings, it is customary for the papa to wander the wedding through the hall, with only the child’s godparents and parents standing at the temple.


During the « money dance » ( El Baile del Billete ) reception, padrinos frequently give the bride and groom 13 coins, known as las arras. The pair subsequently ceremoniously ties their funds up to show that their wedding is a correct partnership and that they will always support one another. This is a fantastic way to recognize the value of home in Latino society!